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Alfaisal University
  • (SE 412) Software Testing and Quality Assurance (F 2014, F 2015, F 2016)

  • (SE 445) Information and Software Security (F 2014, S 2016, S 2017)

  • (SE 490) Capstone Project | (F 2014, F 2015, F 2016)

  • (SE 421) Software Maintenance and Config. Management (S 2015, S 2016, S2017)

  • (SE 416) Mobile Application Development (S 2015, F 2015, F 2016)

  • (SE 491) SE Capstone Project II (S 2015, S 2016, S 2017)

  • (SE 120) Object-Oriented Programming (S 2015)

  • (SE 323) Software Process and Project management ( S 2016, S 2017)

Queen's University

Program Analysis for cybersecurity, Winter 2014 [Graduate]

Ryerson University
  • Creating BigData Systems, Winter 2018

  • Software Engineering, Winter 2018


Scientific Software Engineering, Winter 2011


Hashemite University, 2002-2005:
  • (1002111) Object Oriented Programming (1): O-O C++ (1st year level)

  • (1002211) Object Oriented Programming (2): Java. (2rd year level)

  • (1001432) Compilers Construction. (4th year level)

  • (1001211) Visual Programming: Visual Basic.Net. (2nd year level)

  • (1002281) Introduction to Databases. (2nd year level)

  • (1002384) Advanced Databases.(3rd year level)

  • (1002361) Web Programming. (3rd year level)

  • (1001311) Multimedia programming.(3rd year level)

Dr. Alalfi is an Assistant Professor in Software Engineering at Ryerson University, Computer Science Department, and an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Queen’s School of Computing, Software Technology Lab, Canada. She received her Ph.D. from Queen’s in 2010 where she was honored with the Queen’s School of Computing research achievement award for her PhD thesis work on "A verification framework for access control in web applications". Her PhD work was awarded the Google Community award in 2008. Dr. Alalfi is specialized in software engineering and its synergy with diverse research areas including: Data Analytics, Model Driven Engineering (MDE) for Web applications Security Analysis, MDE for Automotive Systems, Scientific Software Engineering, and Mining Software Repositories. She has published her research results in highly reputed international journals and conferences, and served as a reviewer for multiple premier conferences and journals in software engineering. Dr. Alalfi has around eight years teaching experience at the undergraduate and graduate levels and taught several courses at Queen’s University, KAUST, Alfaisal University, and the Hashemite University. She has more than ten years research and software development experience in leading roles at Queen’s University, KAUST, Alfaisal University and the University of Alberta. Prior to joining RU, she was an Assistant Professor in Software Engineering at Alfaisal university, before that, she was a senior research scientist for the Network on Engineering Complex Software Intensive Systems for Automotive Systems (NECSIS), a $16.6 million Canadian research network. The project is partnered with General Motors, IBM, Malina Software and led by eight world-leading software engineering research institutions in North America. Dr. Alalfi is a professional member of the ACM and IEEE Computer Society.

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Prof. Manar Alalfi

Assistant Professor

Specialization:  Software Engineering






Ryerson University
Department of Computer Science

George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre
245 Church Street, ENG-287

Toronto, ON, Canada


Queen's University, School of Computing

Honor: Queen’s School of Computing Ph.D. Research Achievement Award.

Thesis Title: "A Verification Framework for Access Control in Dynamic Web Applications."


Doctor of Philosophy, Software Engineering


Master's Degree.

Computer Science

Jordan University

Highest Grade in the Final Comprehensive Exam

Graduate Supervision

Current Students

  •  Rahma Al Mahruqi, PhD. thesis, Queen’s University, Migrating Relational Database to NoSQL Database in Web Applications (Co-Supervised with Prof. Tom Dean) (2018)

  • Omar Alharthi, PhD. thesis, Queen’s University, Detection Of Feature Interaction In Dynamic Scripting Languages  (Co-Supervised with Prof. Tom Dean) (Expected 2018)

  • Jian Chen, PhD. thesis, Queen’s University, Flow Analysis for Simulink ModelGenerated Code in Automotive Domain (Co-Supervised with Prof. Tom Dean) (Expected Fall 2018).


  • Jian Chen, M.Sc. thesis, Clone detection in MATLAB Stateflow models, Queen’s University, NECSIS Project (Co-supervised with Prof. Tom Dean) (Graduated Summer 2014).

  • E. Antony, M.Sc. thesis, Topic: An approach to clone detection in sequence diagrams and its application to security analysis, Queen’s University, NECSIS Project (Co-Supervised with Prof. Jim Cordy) (Graduated Winter 2014).

  • A. Almonaies, Ph.D. thesis, Topic: A framework for migrating web applications to web services, Queen’s University (2nd Supervisor with Prof. Jim Cordy and Prof. Thomas Dean) (Graduated 2013).

  • W. Gama, M.Sc. thesis, Topic: Normalizing Object-oriented Class Styles in JavaScript, Queen’s University (2nd Supervisor with Prof. Jim Cordy and Prof. Thomas Dean) (Graduated Winter 2013).

  • Melanie Wightman NECSIS Summer Research Studen, Queen’s University (During Summer 2014).

  • Kenny Luc-Vuong, NECSIS Summer Research Studen, Queen’s University (Graduated Summer 2013).


Model Driven Engineering


Software Maintenance and Evolution

Models, Data, and Software Analytics

Security and Privacy Testing and Verification

Models and Code Clone detection

Graduate Supervision


Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department, Faculty of Science

Research focus: Software Engineering, Model Driven Engineering, Software Security, IoT.






Adjunct Assistant Professor, Queen's School of Computing.

Research focus: Data and Applications Security and Privacy, Modernizing web applications,  Migration to web services.


Assistant Professor in Software Engineering, College of Engineering.

  • Taught undergraduate courses in Software Engineering.

  • Member in the Collage of Engineering Quality Assurance and Accreditation, and Curriculum Committees.

  • Conducted Research in Software Security, and Mining Models for Automotive and Aerospace  software systems.

2014- AUGUST 2017


I currently have several open research positions for MSc, PhD and Summer students. Interested applicants, in my area of research, may contact me with their CV and transcripts. For admission requirements and application process refer to the following page.
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